UCL podcast: Andy Charalambous and Doug Burton interview.
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Galileo, Galileo! art exhibition at the Islington Arts Factory 23-30 October,2009....and
Discussion event at UCL:"What does Science get from Art?" 3rd December,2009
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Galileo, Galileo!

2009 is the International Year of Astronomy (IYA), and this project has created an opportunity for three artists to produce and exhibit work inspired by astronomy.   Doug Burton, Isambard Poulson and Iwona Abrams are the artists on the project. ‘Galileo, Galileo!’ was conceived and has being coordinated by Andrew Charalambous. This project has been registered with the UK office of IYA 2009.

The artists have been introduced to some tools and techniques used by astronomers.  Since the start of 2009 the artists have visited the Royal Observatory Edinburgh, met with astronomers and visited the University of London Observatory.  These experiences have enabled the artists to explore astronomers’ methods for research and current thinking, as well as the history of astronomy.

The artists produced work which was exhibited at the Islington Arts Factory between 23rd till 30th October, 2009, with the private view on Friday evening of the 23rd October.  The project will be presented at the linked event "What does science get from Art?", which is a discussion evening at University College London on Thursday evening on the 3rd December, 2009.